Astrology mixes the science of the stars with the art of divination. The movements of the lights and planets are a mirror of the movements of energy within a life and by studying your chart and transits, you can see the patterns of your own life more clearly.

I provide enlightening profiles and predictions based on the movement of the stars and planets in a variety of options - from a single chart by email to a complete package of charts, reports and interpretation by phone.  The reports are great for basic data, but a reading by phone allows me to integrate the various elements of your chart to tell you how it all works together and gives time for questions.  You will need to know your birthdate, exact time of your birth and birth location for the most accurate charts and forecasts. 

Natal Astrology is the basis of all astrology readings.  Looking at the exact moment of your birth, we can provide a blueprint of the trends and tendencies for a lifetime.   I highly recommend that you start here &/or add this on to any session if you haven't had a full natal reading in the past.  Options:
  • Natal Chart & Keywords... $8
  • Natal Report (includes Chart) via email... $26
  • Natal Reading (1 hr phone session + Chart + Report)... $80
  • Natal Enhanced (1.5 hr Phone session + Chart + Report & guidance)... $125
Transit Astrology looks at the current and upcoming planetary positions compared to a natal chart to give information about what energies will be influencing you in the upcoming year.  Options:
  • Transit Chart or list... $8
  • Transit Report for up to one year... $26
  • Transit Reading (1 hr phone session + Report)... $80
  • Transit Reading Enhanced (1.5 hr phone  + Report & guidance)... $125
  • Transit + Natal Combo  (2.5 hr phone  + Charts + Reports & guidance)... $170
Progression Astrology looks at the evolution of your natal chart and can indicate emotional and spiritual growth.  Options:
  • Progressed Chart... $8
  • Progressed Reading (45 min phone session + Chart)... $62
  • Progressed + Transit Combo  (2.5 hr phone  + Charts & guidance)... $170
  • Progressed + Transit + Natal Combo  (4 hr phone + Reports & guidance)... $260
Solar & Lunar Returns mark the moment when the Sun or Moon return to the same degree and sign as your natal Sun or Moon.   Your location on that day can change your month or year to come.  Solar returns occur on or within a day of your birthday and are a great way to look at  the year to come at a glance.   Lunar Returns occur every month and give an overview of the emotional qualities of that month.   Options:
  • Single Solar or Lunar Return Chart... $8
  • All Return Charts for one year (Solar + 13 Lunar)... $35  (3 for 1 pricing!)
  • Solar -OR- Single Lunar Return  (45 min phone session + Chart)... $62
  • Lunar Returns for one year (13)  (1.5 hr phone session  & guidance)... $125
  • Solar + 13 Lunar Returns  (2.5 hr phone session + Charts & guidance)... $170
Complete Yearly Forecast  (Solar + Lunar + Progressed + Transits)
  (4 hr phone  + all reports + all charts & guidance)  ~ save over $200 ~ ...  $260

All in One Annual Combo
(Complete Yearly Forecast + Natal Reading)
  (5 hr phone  + all reports + all charts & guidance)  ~ save over $200 ~   ... $350
  • Body & Soul Report (medical and karmic astrology)... $26
  • Child's Astrology report (a guide for parents)... $26
If you want to look at a particular focus for your life rather than the entire overview (as in the Natal & Forecast readings), I have special rates and sessions for the most commonly requested topics.
  • Love & Relationship for singles  (45 min phone session)... $62
  • Love & Relationship for couples  (1.5 hr phone session)... $125
  • Career & Life direction (45 min phone session)... $62
  • Relocation (45 min phone session + Chart)... $62
  • Astro*cartography (45 min phone session + Charts)... $80
  • Custom Session (select a date or other topics)... $80/hr
Solar System Package (any 2 topics) ...
Galaxy Package (any 5 topics) ...
Universe Package (all you want to know) ...

I am available for classes, workshops and parties with a minimum $125 charge and rates by the hour or person.  Topics can be based on any of the reading types above or on any of the planetary profiles.

  • All charts & reports will be provided via email in .pdf format.   I can print in full color and mail charts for an additional charge (typically $1-2/page)
  • Phone sessions can be broken up into increments of 1 hour or more as needed.
  • Charts, reports and readings are based on Western Astrology.  I can convert to Sidereal Astrology if preferred.   Limited readings are available using Chinese, Celtic and Native American astrology archetypes.